Reupen Shah

I’m a skilled software developer that enjoys tackling problems methodically, contributing to open-source projects and keeping up to date with technological developments.

My main language is Python, and I’m skilled with Django, asyncio, Flask, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, TypeScript, React, Git, Linux and more.

Recent experience

Digi2al (2020–2024)

Projects I’ve worked on at Digi2al include a data management system, an assessment platform, a design system and a planning application.

Languages, libraries and tools I used on these projects include Python, FastAPI, TypeScript, React, Next.js, Elasticsearch, GraphQL, Remix, Django, Flask, PostgreSQL, Playwright, GitHub Actions and Tauri.

Department for International Trade (2017–2020)

I worked on the API layer of an open-source customer relationship management system, built using Python, Django Rest Framework, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch and Celery.

GitHub projects

BMLL Technologies (2015–2017)

I worked on both the API layer and front end of BMLL’s stock market data analysis platform, built using Python, asyncio, PostgreSQL, Celery and AWS.

Sainsbury’s (2014–2015)

I worked on an online order capacity utilisation forecasting system built using Flask.

Personal projects

Columns UI Extensible C++ UI plugin for the foobar2000 audio player.

iPod manager C++ iPod management plugin for the foobar2000 audio player. Involved reverse engineering database formats and communication protocols. Personal photography website, built using Astro and Sharp.

Takao Theme for the Sphinx documentation generator.

aiogithub Python asyncio-based GitHub API v3 client.

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